'BJP Won't Even Get 150 Seats'

'BJP Won't Even Get 150 Seats'

After elections in AP concluded, YS Jagan is relaxing and taking ample rest. Yet, Chandrababu Naidu is continuing his fight against the BJP. Naidu has been actively campaigning against BJP. Sensing the trend, Naidu predicted that there is anti-BJP wave riding across the country. He said there is no BJP in entire South and also said that there is no positive for BJP in the North.

Making his prediction, seasoned politician Naidu stated that BJP can't get even 150 seats. Naidu has campaigned for JDS-Congress combine in Sriram Nagar in Koppal district of Karnataka on Sunday. During this, Naidu breathed fire on Modi and his five-year tenure. Naidu said Modi has done nothing to South. He reiterated the injustice meted out by Modi to Andhra Pradesh.

Naidu has given a call to the Telugu people in Karnataka to vote out BJP. He said the democratic institutions like CBI, IT, ED have been paralysed in Modi's tenure. He said demonetisation and GST implimentation are biggest failures of Modi. Naidu said GST has incurred hefty losses to various businesses.

Chandrababu said no one can stop the progress of AP and Amaravati. He said despite several conspiracies, AP will develop.

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