Voters in these 4 states Wants Rahul as PM

Voters in these 4 states Wants Rahul as PM

At a time when most surveys point to the fact that Narendra Modi will retain his Prime Ministership as BJP will form the government again, voters in four states of India have a different opinion. A survey by C-Voter and IANS has revealed that voters in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have a soft corner for Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

While the national survey response clearly indicated that Narendra Modi would be the preferred choice for PM post, according to the survey. Almost 65% of voters in Kerala said they would choose Rahul Gandhi over Narendra Modi. In Andhra Pradesh too, more than 55% of voters said they would choose Rahul Gandhi, given the negativity against the BJP government for doing injustice to the state.

Similarly, in Tamil Nadu, nearly 61% of respondents indicated their choice as Rahul Gandhi while 37% preferred the Congress President in Punjab against 36% for Narendra Modi. Interestingly, all the four state are non-BJP ruled states which have made their voice against the NDA government evident at various platforms.

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