BJP's Top Leader loses confidence on majority

BJP's Top Leader loses confidence on majority

For the first time, a BJP leader has expressed doubts over the party getting a complete majority in the Lok Sabha to form government in New Delhi. He is none other BJP's general secretary Ram Madhav. He opined that BJP will fall short of majority and needs support of allies.

"If we (BJP) get 271 seats on our own, then we can't be much happier. But with NDA will be in comfortable position," said Ram Madhav indicating that BJP definitely relies on allies. Also he said, BJP would face setback in North states but exuded confidence that the party will perform better than before in North-East and West Bengal states. Ram Madhav said the BJP will continue to introduce economic reforms, if returned to the power for the second time.

This statement of Ram Madhav is going viral now and political experts say that BJP has sensed the defeat. However, when the elections are in progress, Ram Madhav's comments may hurt BJP's chances more. Two more phases are remaining while the fifth phase is underway today.

In the last elections, BJP alone got 282 seats and it was a clear majority for a party in nearly three decades.

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