CPI pours water on KCR-Vijayan meet

CPI pours water on KCR-Vijayan meet

Telanagana CM KCR has once again began his plans for Federal Front. As part of it, KCR met Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan and discussed about the third front which is a non-BJP and non-Congress. Reports are coming from Kerala that KCR sought Vijayan's support in Federal Front formation but got no assurance from the Kerala CM.

Commenting on this meeting, Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy said, Vijayan is a politburo member of CPI but he is not the decision maker on which party or front to support in the national level. Further speaking he said, "We know KCR's mind set. He changes his decision instantly and are mostly political oriented. We have doubts on KCR that he is acting like a B-team to BJP led NDA government in the New Delhi as we have seen him supporting BJP's demonetisation, GST and other reforms taken up. About KCR and Vijayan's meeting, I would see it as a CM meeting another CM cordially and there is nothing wrong in a democracy."

But Suravaram did not completely rule out the chances of Federal Front. "If no national party gets majority, then our party would collectively take a decision on whom to support. Yes it's true that people want to see a government with no BJP and Congress hand. That will be post poll scenario. We have our options open on KCR's Federal Front but it would be a risk," added Suravaram.

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