Ravi Prakash To Head I News & Mozo?

Ravi Prakash To Head I News & Mozo?

Ever since Ravi Prakash has been shown the door from TV9, speculations about his next step are doing the rounds in media and political fraternity. And here is one such rumour that is strongly heard in media circles. It is buzzed that I News and Mozo would be headed by Ravi Prakash.

Apparently, Ravi Prakash has been asked by the channels top management to head these channels. Ravi Prakash reportedly agreed to head the channels. Apparently, Ravi Prakash had sought free-hand in taking decisions and content airing. He doesn't want management to interfere in the editorial and the management too said to have agreed for Ravi Prakash's demand. With this Ravi Prakash's entry into i News and Mozo is almost confirmed.

Talk has it that Ravi Prakash has already began the process and wants to first streamline the channels by recruiting fresh and highly talented people. Ravi Prakash may hire new team at these channels and may even bring his closed ones from TV9. Now it will be war between TV9 and I News. And the fight has turned more interesting.

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