Sivaji responds on TV9 row and friendship with Ravi Prakash

Sivaji responds on TV9 row and friendship with Ravi Prakash

In the TV9 row, actor Sivaji's name is heard a lot. The police have held raids at Sivaji's residence in Hyderabad. Earlier in the day, the cyber crime police have served lookout notices too on Ravi Prakash and Sivaji's names. There are rumours that both of them are in absconding. Curtailing down all the rumours, Sivaji flashed before the media and he personally posted a video and issued a clarification.

Sivaji accepted that former TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash is his good friend and true that he bought few shares. "A small civil case is being treated as criminal case. Media channels like 10TV, Sakshi and Rameshwara Rao owned channels are playing foul game here and highlighting my issue which is not even a issue," said Sivaji.

About the cyber crime case, Sivaji added based on a small complaint by Koushik Rao, the Hyderabad Police have reacted overly and they threatened by family by holding raids. All these are done because I'm a settler and I'm fighting against the government in Telangana. By the way, I did not go abroad or anywhere. I campaigned in Karnataka and was hit by sun stroke. I was bedridden for the past ten days and will take another four days rest. I fears no one and I advise people who are doing false campaign in social media, to stop everything now. "People who are accusing me are sitting in rooms which have glasses whereas I'm a mountain and they will certainly face dire consequences in future," warned Sivaji.

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