Smart Move: Congress plays Sonia Card

Smart Move: Congress plays Sonia Card

With hopes of Mahaghatbandhan racing and the leaders of anti-NDA parties believing that they have chances of forming the government in case of a hung Parliament, the Congress has begun playing smart at this juncture. With just 4 days left for the Lok Sabha results, the Grand Old Party is using its former chairperson Sonia Gandhi as a unifying factor among their former allies.

With Congress deciding to convene an all-party meeting if the UPA and non-NDA parties on May 23rd and the party clarifying that it will not demand the PM post if it comes to power, it has brought Sonia Gandhi into the strategy at the right time, say political observers. Sonia was seen as taking retirement and making way for Priyanka and Rahul to take the mantle. However, this move to ensure that old friends of the party remain intact with the UPA, is a brilliant one, they add.

It is learnt that Sonia Gandhi was the one to reach out to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamatha Banerjee after the recent clashes in Kolkata. With senior Congress leader making it clear that Congress is not seeking the plum post of a PM, many neutral parties such as TRS, YSRCP and BJD could jump in favour of the Congress-led alliance if the grand old party makes the right moves, soon after the results are out. Well, looks like the game of charades has just begun!

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