Janasena MLA Candidates Warn Pawan Of Consequences

Janasena MLA Candidates Warn Pawan Of Consequences

On Sunday afternoon, while the upcoming Exit Polls have become one sort of tension, a meeting happened at Janasena party resulted in another tension for party president Pawan Kalyan. Reportedly, his couple of MLA contestants of his party are said to have gone haywire.

A person who has acquired MLA ticket for a noted constituency in Coastal Andhra is said to have questioned Pawan Kalyan as to why he hasn't turned up for the campaign as he promised. Reportedly when this guy came in, he is said to have donated 50 lakhs for the party and then went on spending almost 7 crores in the assembly for campaigning. The MLA candidate is not worried about winning or losing, or losing his money, but he's upset that Pawan Kalyan is behaving in a tyrannous way when it comes to decision making.

While Pawan asked the Janasainiks to prepare for Zilla Parishat and Mandal Parishat elections, he hasn't constituted any committees to get the work done. At the same time, none from the district knows to whom PK will give a ticket. These differences are said to be widening gaps between Pawan and his candidates.

An MLA candidate is said to have warned Pawan Kalyan that if he continues to behave like a dictator then he will walk out of the party even if wins or loses. He is said to have asked Pawan to get ready to face consequences. One wonders if the disintegration of Janasena started even before poll results are announced.

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