Is Nitish Kumar distancing himself from the BJP?

Is Nitish Kumar distancing himself from the BJP?

Looks like BJP's controversial candidate from Bhopal Sadvhi Pragya Singh has annoyed several leaders across the country with her remarks on Nathuram Godse, claiming him as a "Deshbhakt." One such leader and NDA partner, is Bihar chief minister and Janata Dal (United) Chief Nitish Kumar. After casting his vote today, he sad that "the BJP should sack Sadhvi Pragya for making such comments."

This outrage of the Bihar Chief Minister comes at a time when there are rumours that the JD(U) is unhappy with its partnership with the BJP and is looking for opportunities to voice its concern. Speaking to media persons yesterday, Nitish Kumar also criticised the Election Commission for holding the elections for such a long duration. "Elections should not be held over such a long duration, there was a long gap between each phase of voting. I will write to leaders of all parties to build a consensus on this," he added.

He also raised objections on holding the elections in wrong time as there is intense heat in summer. "Elections must be either held in February-March or October-November in two to three phases in our country," he added. His statements on writing letters to all parties for a consensus on elections to be held in single phase across the country are seen as JD(U)'s growing discomfort with the BJP.

Earlier too, at a joint election meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a video of Nitish Kumar's reluctance in playing to Modi's gestures went viral where the JD(U) chief was seen sitting while other BJP leaders were singing praises for Modi and waving their hands in his support. This, political observers say, could be an indication of Nitish Kumar trying to distance himself from the saffron party to look at alternatives, following the results of Lok Sabha elections on May 23rd.

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