South - How Many BJP Will Win?

South - How Many BJP Will Win?

Majority of the exit polls and post-poll surveys of various national media houses and some reputed agencies might have predicted BJP & NDA's majority in the Lok Sabha polls, but the Southern India is still a hard nut to crack for the Lotus Party.


Andhra Pradesh: 25
Telangana: 17
Tamilnadu: 39
Karnataka: 28
Kerala: 20
Total: 129 Lok Sabha Seats
While BJP may remain zero in AP, it may get zero or 1 seat in Telangana. BJP may get 15 seats in Karnataka and its key ally AIADMK may win 5 seats in Tamil Nadu. In Kerala, BJP is a non-player. It may mostly remain zero and if some magic works, BJP may win 1 seat in Kerala.

On the whole, BJP's tally in the South is expected to be limited between 20 to 22 seats out of the total 129 Lok Sabha seats. So, BJP/NDA has to win 250 plus seats out of the 414 seats. This is no easy task given that SP-BSP combine and Congress have their own figures in the UP, the largest state. In Maharashtra, majority exit polls predicted that BJP-Shiv Sena will emerge as the winner while Congress rejected the exit polls.

In Odisha, it's a neck-and-neck between Naveen Patnaik's BJD and BJP. However, majority surveys predicted that BJD will get majority while BJP may increase its tally. In West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee's TMC is showing a clear dominance. Bihar is also predicted to be in favour of NDA.

Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Haryana, Delhi too are said to be in favour of NDA, going by the majority of the Exit Polls. Overall, it will be an advantage for BJP in North and Eastern States, but the Lotus Party would get a severe jolt from the South.

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