Exit Polls aren't 'Exact Polls': Naidu

Exit Polls aren't 'Exact Polls': Naidu

Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu said 'Exit Poll' surveys are not the 'Exact Poll' results and one has to wait for the D-day. Venkaiah was rewarded with Doctorate and speaking on the occasion in Guntur club, he said, "In my 42 years of political life, I could not take up in elections for the first time," and got emotional.

The Vice President went on to make critical comments on the politics. "The way Parliament and assembly are functioning these days is pathetic and politicians are indulging in foul languages against their rivals which is not a good sign. But the people and media should be watchful and vote wisely for their future," said Venkaiah Naidu.

Also on the poll campaign, Venkaiah made interesting comments. "I had contested in elections with public money but I haven't used single penny for my personal expenses. If there was excess money, I would use it for the party activities. These days politicians are fetching crore of Rupees to campaign which is equal to killing democracy," added the Vice President.

He also invoked laughter as well by saying about this role as a politician and Vice President. "When I was a leader of political party, I was like hero NTR and now as vice President, I turned as character artist like SV Ranga Rao," said Venkaiah Naidu and cheered the people at the venue.

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