Exit Polls dashed hopes of KCR & Chandrababu?

Exit Polls dashed hopes of KCR & Chandrababu?

Going by the exit polls predictions, it is clear that the NDA government will win absolute majority at the Centre. What this means is that the BJP-led alliance may not really need any external help from parties that are not part of its partnership. The exit polls gave 17-18 Lok Sabha seats of the total 25 to the YSR Congress Party while N. Chandrababu Naidu's Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is expected to get eight seats. In Telangana, the TRS is slotted to get 14-15 seats, while MIM will get one and Congress, BJP may each win one respectively.

This means that KCR's Federal Front may not take off and so could Chandrababu's idea of the Grand Opposition as Congress is not expected to cross the 100 seats mark. Both the Telugu States' CMs expected that they would be kingmakers at the Centre. The Federal Front's idea now collapses as KCR aspired for the role of a Deputy PM if the NDA fell short of majority.

But, the exit poll predictions have literally dashed their hopes and splashed cold water on their faces. However, it would be interesting to see whether Congress will now warm up to YSR Congress in the state as it had extended an invitation to the party for an all-party meeting of UPA and non-NDA parties.

Given that both the Telugu States' CM's plans were centred on NDA getting less seats and they making a difference, the exit polls have proved them wrong. However, now, KCR may change his strategy and support the NDA to ensure that the BJP government bails the state out of the current financial crisis it is facing.

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