Avanthi's Overconfidence At Peaks

Avanthi's Overconfidence At Peaks

Looks like the exit polls' predictions have got the YSR Congress party cadre in high spirits. It is learnt that the senior leaders in the party are still waiting for the May 23rd results to react to the actual scenario while some who recently defected from the Telugu Desam Party to the YSR Congress party are seem to be believing that they have already won. While most of the exit polls have shown the result in favour of YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh, these recently defected leaders are already lobbying for cabinet posts, it is heard.

Apparently, Avanthi Srinivas who defected to the YSRCP recently from TDP, had made a temple visit but wasn't allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. While he claimed that he is former MP and insisted on entering the sanctum sanctorum, he was stopped by temple officials. This hurt his ego and he wanted the Temple EO that he will soon deal with him when his party (YSRCP) comes to power.

Another incident where Avanthi Srinivas was seen warning a government official was when he visited the GVMC office in Vizag. When the GVMC Commissioner reminded him that model code is progress and hence, cannot serve the former MP, the YSRCP candidate got annoyed with the GVMC Commissioner and warned him that once his party comes to power, he will ensure that he deal with the government official. Following this, the GVMC Commissioner smiled at him and said "Namaste" with folded hands while Srinivas left the spot in rage.

Such cases of overconfidence may not bode well for the party as the final results are not out yet but the party candidates are behaving irresponsibly. Is this indicative of the kind of government that YSRCP will form? We don't know that yet and will have to wait two more days.

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