Bettings In AP: Still YSRCP Is Hot Fav

Bettings In AP: Still YSRCP Is Hot Fav

Before the Exit Polls surveys, majority had hopes on ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh but the equations have altered. Cashing this bookies are indulging in huge betting in AP. Interestingly the 'Exit Polls' have showed zero impact on betting and we can consider that YSRCP is still the hot favourite among the bookies and bidders.

An audio clip involving conversation of a media person and bookie reveals that the 'FAN' party supporters are more in number in betting than the 'CYCLE' party supporters and they are pouring down crore of Rupees.

As per the betting trend, if TDP wins then TDP supporters will get 1.5 times the amount along with the invested amount and If YSRCP wins, then YSRCP supporters would get 1 time of the invested amount.

Shockingly, common bidders aren't interested in Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena. There is no any sort of demand for the party and in the audio clip, we can clearly hear the bookie saying none are coming forward to bid on Pawan and JSP on betting.

Also on the national politics, the betting trend is like, people are confident that BJP might get 226 seats and if it is above, then the bidders are likely to get huge profits.

When asked about police surveillance on betting, the bookie says the betting is going on very watchfully. Overall, YSRCP is having the edge in betting and till tomorrow, the money is likely to come in unaccountable numbers.

May 23rd are the election results announcement.