TV9 Ravi Prakash targets 'My Home' Rameshwara Rao

TV9 Ravi Prakash targets 'My Home' Rameshwara Rao

Former TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash is still hiding from the police to escape arrest and on Wednesday he released a new video to issue a clarification on three cases that were filed against him. Ravi Prakash went on to reveal how TV9 was established and the following consequences.

"When I had plans to set up TV9, businessman Srini Raju supported me financially. He had majority stake in ABCL while I had minority. When Srini Raju wanted to sell of his stake, I held talks with many investors. Finally I met contractor Krishna Reddy and he informed me that there will be four men to buy 20 percent equal stake. But as Krishna Reddy said, things did not turn up and then came 'My Home' groups chairman Rameshwara Rao. After buying stake, Rameshwara Rao started intervening in editorial and even threatened me that I will be thrown out in the coming days," said Ravi Prakash.

On the cases filed against him, Ravi Prakash said, "Ramehswara Rao has alleged that I conspired against him and so sold the stake to Sivaji. In that regards, Rameshwara's men filed a complaint against me without even verifying the facts. While the agreement papers involving the deal are in court, the police went ahead and lodged an FIR at the behest of Rameshwara Rao."

About the second case which is forgery, Ravi Prakash said, it's Rameshwara Rao men who have kidnapped part-time employee Devender Aggarwal and in the mid-night, with his help, they tried to upload the new directors names in the web site. But it did not happen as Devender Aggarwal had resigned way before this incident. If I seriously indulged in forgery, I would have directly forged the signature of Ramehswara Rao and claim their entire property and assets.

On the TV9 logo case, Ravi Prakash stated that he was the one who is creator of it and none have rights on it. "Rameshwara Rao who bought majority stake should pay be royalty on TV9 logo. To skip paying, they falsely claimed that I stole the logo which is totally untrue. They should have minimum common sense of finding out about the creator of TV9 logo before buying the majority stake," added Ravi Prakash.

Shifting his target on the police, Ravi Prakash alleged that the police are making their moves as per the directions of Rameshwara Rao. "I wonder whether Hyderabad Police is part of My Home group because they take direct orders from Rameshwara Rao. Is this necessary that police to stoop down to such a low," questioned Ravi Prakash.

Finally the former TV9 CEO said, he has two options before him. Whether to follow values and ethics or to surrender himself to the big business tycoons who control the media as per their personal interest. Ravi Prakash cleared it by sticking to the first option and said he is going forward irrespective of the threats he is receiving.