What Will Be The Reaction Of Pawan Kalyan's Fans?

What Will Be The Reaction Of Pawan Kalyan's Fans?

With the next sunrise, Andhra Pradesh is going to see how the people have decided the fate of some super popular politicians for the next 5 years. This time, even Chandrababu and YS Jagan are seriously confused and anxiously waiting for the result, and it is sure a sleepless night for Pawan Kalyan's fans.

If we have to go by Pawan Kalyan's general reactions on everything, the actor will be able to take it very light even if he wins no single seat. Surely he will be continuing his good line of work, will question the government and might rake up people's issues through meetings and on social media. And in case if he gets defeated that way, how are his fans going to digest it?

Naturally, Pawan's fans are a bit effervescent and aggressive even at a public function. And the socialised city based fans troll on social media pages if anyone talks ill of their favourite star. What is their reaction going to be like if Pawan's Janasena Party fails to perform in the election?

Political experts and good netizens are advising Pawan Kalyan fans to be little stronger, cool and composed. In case of Janasena did not acheive what the party tried to,  And if they maintain the same composure that of their Janasenani, may be 2024 will be giving them what they expected.

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