Mojo TV CEO's Shocking Allegations On Jupalli

Mojo TV CEO's Shocking Allegations On Jupalli

Mojo TV's CEO Revathi has sit on a fast-unto-death in her office. She sat on hunger strike and has been live on TV channel. She is alleging that My Home Group chairman Jupally Rameswar Rao's son Jupally Ranjith Rao has 'forced' her to sell her channel's shares and 'pressurized' her to sign on transfer of shares.

She alleged that Mojo TV's chairman Hari kiran Chereddy was arrested in the midnight in connection with another case on the pretext of 'investigation' and was made to sit in police station till midnight 3 AM. Questioning the manner in which Mojo's chairman Hari Kiran was taken to police station, Revathi alleged that cops had told him that they would free him if CEO Revathi signs on 'transfer of shares'.

Revathi claimed that she ran for her life in the late night. She said she has telephone recordings as well as other proofs against My Home Rameswara Rao and his kin, kith trying to force her to sell her channel. Revathi said she not only scared for herself, but she said she is scared for the future of her channel's employees.

Revathi said she is ready to offer her life to 'save' media and entire media fraternity.

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