Not Iron Leg, I'm Golden Leg - Roja

Not Iron Leg, I'm Golden Leg - Roja

Actress and politician RK Roja, who won for the second time in a row from Nagiri, has stated that she is no more jinxed. She said she is not an "iron leg", but she claimed that she is the "golden leg".

Roja said, 'Many had called me 'Iron Leg'. Many had commented that Jagan wouldn't become CM if I win. But my win as well as Jagan's win is a tight slap to my critics. I'm golden leg. I'll work for party and people." She said she would do her best to develop Nagiri under YS Jagan's leadership.

Roja assured that the people of Andhra Pradesh would live happily and would progress in Jagan's rule like in Rajanna Rajyam.

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