Lucky YCP MLA wins by just 15 votes

Lucky YCP MLA wins by just 15 votes

In poll battle, a victory is a victory no matter how much majority you earn - be it 1 lakh or just 1 vote. We generally get to see some legislators securing a very tham majority on runners-up - like how YSRCP's Alla Ramakrishna Reddy (Mangalagiri) won in 2014 with a slight majority of 12 votes.

In another such instance, YCP's candidate from Vijayawada Central won by a whisker. While most of the YSRCP MLA candidates are heading for a huge margin victory, Malladi Vishnu seems to have escaped very narrowly to his TDP's Bonda Uma. According to latest reports, all rounds of counting was finished after 10 PM and in every round, there was a serious competition between Vishnu and Bonda Uma. Finally, Vishnu declared as winner by just 15 votes.

This has come down a shocker for Bonda Uma as he was hoping to win from the constituency. Even in 2009 elections, Vishnu escaped a defeat to PRP's Vangaveeti Radhakrishna with a thin majority.

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