Who Owns TV9 Logo Anyway?

Who Owns TV9 Logo Anyway?

After TV9's former CEO Ravi Prakash released a videotape from an undisclosed location about his concerns and throwing a lot of allegations on My Home's Jupalli Rameshwara Rao, what struck many is the TV9 logo's copyrights issue.

With news surfacing that Ravi Prakash is not giving TV9 logo's copyright, the ousted CEO mentioned that Rameshwara Rao's company should pay him a royalty for the logo as he owns it. However, it looks like there is a sort of confusion here and a quick verification on India's Patent Search website regarding the true owner of this Intellectual Property (TV9 Logo here) has given interesting clarity.

While the TV9 Logo with the caption 'For a better society' is owned by A Prakash (let's read this as Ravi Prakash), the same TV9 logo without the caption is owned by ABCL Ltd, the company that sold 90% of its share to Alanda Media owned by Jupalli Rameshwara Rao and partners.

Technically speaking, it looks like both the parties own a logo each and if the existing TV9 discontinues the caption, there will be no 'legal' issue it looks like.

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