Lagadapati Calls It Off!

Lagadapati Calls It Off!

Former MP Lagadapati Rajagopal and his Andhra Octopus will no longer do election survey. Unable to face the media, Lagadapati released a press statement and he announced that he won't be doing surveys anymore.

The statement read, 'From 2004, I have been doing surveys. Not just confining to the Telugu states but have also performed them in other states. As my predictions did not meet expectations in Telangana assembly elections and Andhra Pradesh general polls, I would like to quit of such activities hereafter. I regret that I could not catch the pulse of the people.'

Lagadapati congratulated YS Jagan on the stupendous victory and for also going to be the new Chief Minister. He also wished TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu to become a decisive opposition leader.

The former Vijaywada MP in his survey estimated that TDP would come to power again with 100 seats while YSRCP would be restricted to opposition.

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