'I pity Pawan Kalyan' says Rajasekhar

'I pity Pawan Kalyan' says Rajasekhar

After Chandrababu Naidu faced crushing defeat at the hands of 46-year-old Jagan, actor and politician Dr Rajasekhar said that YS Jagan's sweep at Andhra Pradesh is a historic win. He claimed that he is blessed to be a part of the new CM's political party. Earlier this year, both the actor and his wife Jeevita joined YSRCP after meeting Jagan at Lotus Pond office in Hyderabad.

In a press meet today, Rajasekhar clarified that he doesn't have any differences with actor Nagababu and did not even speak badly about the Mega brother in any of his political campaigns. He, later, said that he felt pity for Pawan Kalyan. 'Pawan should have won in at least one place,' he quoted.

The couple, during their further interaction, told that they are confident of Jagan's win and they have always been supportive towards Jagan and his family members ever since late YS Rajasekhar Reddy's thumping win. Both Jeevitha and Rajasekhar claimed that they have sensed and foreseen Jagan's win and thanked voters who lent their support towards the party.

On the other hand, Jeevitha, in her speech, praised Jagan's padayatra and how he had keenly listened and empathized to people's problems. 'Now that Jagan came into power, he will surely strive towards solving people's problems,' she assured. Later, Jeevitha appreciated Roja for her hard work and congratulated over her victory ' Roja's win is a blessing for YSRCP. We are happy for her and we also hope to see her as a Home Minister in Jagan cabinet," she said. Roja won big from Nagari constituency of AP assembly elections and became MLA for the second term.

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