Nagababu Is Back With Youtube Video

Way before collecting his B-Form from brother Pawan Kalyan to contest from Narsapuram parliamentary constituency, mega brother Nagababu used to post lots of videos on YouTube, making a mockery of TDP, Balayya and YS Jagan. And here is the mega actor again, with his latest YouTube video.

Nagababu made this video to give solace to the hardworking Janasainiks who are feeling sad since Pawan Kalyan's humiliating defeat in the 2019 election. "We came to people with clean politics and didn't spend money anywhere to win votes. And the number of votes polled for us are and an indication that people are ready for the change. Though we haven't won technically, we have morally won and our Janasainiks efforts are commendable", said Nagababu in his video.

Congratulating YS Jagan for the landslide victory, Nagababu stated that he owed to people a lot now for this win and hoped that the new AP CM will implement all the Navaratnalu he promised.

Now that Nagababu is back on YouTube, we have to see if makes mockery videos or simply stops such comedy work and focuses more on root level politics.

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