KCR And Jagan To Travel In Same Flight For Modi

KCR And Jagan To Travel In Same Flight For Modi

On May 30th in the afternoon at 12.23 hrs, YSR Congress president YS Jagan will be taking oath the second Chief Minister of newly carved Andhra Pradesh state. And the guest for this event is none other than fellow Telugu state, Telangana's CM K Chandrasekhar Rao. And here comes another interesting snippet.

Once YS Jagan is done with his oath-taking ceremony, he will be joining CM KCR and the two Telugu states' CMs will be heading to Delhi in the same chartered flight. Because in the evening, Narendra Modi will be taking oath as Prime Minister of India for the second time ever. Though Modi will be sending only an envoy to Jagan's ceremony, the AP CM wants to make sure that his presence will be felt at the nation's capital.

And what is more attractive is the new friendship developing between AP and T CMs, as Jagan and KCR will go hand in hand to the event in Delhi. These two will be joined by governor Narasimhan as well, if reports are to be believed. And once done, the three will be returning to Hyderabad in the very same flight.

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