TDP Making Self Goals With Hate Posters

TDP Making Self Goals With Hate Posters

A poster of Telugu Desam party supporters which reads the line "Abhivruddini Kolpoyina Andhra Pradesh Prajalu" (AP people lost their growth) is currently doing rounds everywhere on the internet. That was actually set up by TDP leaders of a village and these statements are now putting the party in a more embarrassing situation.

One look at the poster implies how TDP cadres are trying to blame 'people' that they have voted for a wrong person like YS Jagan. And that explains how TDP folks cannot give respect to people's mandate. Is it that only cycle party could do some sort of justice to AP but not anyone else?

Now that YS Jagan took reigns as AP Chief Minister very recently, one should give at least a year time to find out what exactly he will do to the state. And a time when all of Jagan's moves are being appreciated even by hardcore critics of him after he took oath as CM, one wonders why TDP is still sulking on him.

If TDP bosses don't step into the scene and take control of these posters, it will be only a self-goal. Because you may call YS Jagan whatever, but if you keep on insulting people for their choice, then 2024 and 2029 will also result in empty hands for the yellow brigade.

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