Vinaya Vidheya Jagan

Vinaya Vidheya Jagan

Jagan, who had been branded as 'arrogant', 'adamant', 'careless', 'disrespectful', 'devil-may-care' attitude, has been shocking everyone - right from bureaucrats to secretariat employees to other government officials to social workers to media people. Jagan's humble nature, ground-to-earth attitude, utmost respect to elders irrespective of their position have been the talking point. Particularly, a Chief Minister calling bureaucrats and other senior employees as 'Anna' is something unheard of. But by doing so, Jagan has set a new precedent.

Taking everyone by surprise, Jagan had tried to touch PM Narendra Modi's feet recently. Jagan's body language and his mannerisms of humbleness after assuming CM post are really surprising to people who know him from longtime. This change of behaviour in Jagan Reddy is something unexpected.

As Jagan embraces "Vinayam" (humbleness), YCP leaders are on cloud nine. Jagan's fans, followers are happy to see 'Vinaya Vidheya Jagan'. They are hoping that Jagan would soon become the Brand Ambassador for 'Vinayam' & 'Vidheyata'. Let's wait and see, what is in store.

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