Babu gone, money gets credited!

Babu gone, money gets credited!

The Modi sarkar is extending its support to YSR Congress government in the state and on that note, it released an outstanding amount related to Employee Guarantee scheme. About Rs 708 crore are released on Friday and in the coming days, the centre is expected to credit another Rs 3000 crore.

The second installment of money is for the Polavaram project. The Central Water Resources department has sent suggestions to finance ministry that for the construction of Polavaram, funds should be released from NABARD.

Under Employee Guarantee scheme, Andhra Pradesh should get a total of Rs 2500 crore. The last TDP government has appealed to the centre to release the funds before elections. But due to Naidu's wide publicity against Modi and BJP government at the national level, Modi sarkar delayed by deliberate excuses. Now that the government has changed in Andhra Pradesh and after results, Jagan had personally met Modi. The PM had offered full support to Jagan.

Overall the Modi government is trying its best to appease not only the state government but also the people of Andhra Pradesh. But what about the 'Special Status' to AP which is reckoned as a 'Life Line.' The BJP government has already clarified that there is no question of granting 'special status' to AP and we have to see how people of AP will get convinced with BJP government's partial help.

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