Unable to figure out reasons of defeat: Chandrababu

Unable to figure out reasons of defeat: Chandrababu

At the workshop on failure in elections and future strategies, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu said in the past we would get to know the reasons if we had lost the elections. But this time, the reasons are not coming out and even we're unable figure out what has happened.

"In my forty years of political life, the last five years were very crucial. We have done unprecedented welfare works for the people. But we never got a such shocking results. Though the percent of vote is good enough, the seats in the assembly reduced drastically. We have to analyze the elections results and go forward. Many are complaining about EVMs. Our agitation against the machines will continue while few others opined that people wanted to give YSRCP, a chance. That's fine," said Chandrababu.

On the attacks on TDP activists and supporters, Chandrababu added, in the last three weeks over hundred attacks have happened on TDP workers. Along with me, the party will be by the side of everyone who worked hard day and night and even sold their assets for the party. In the workshop, Chandrababu announce ex-gratia for workers who have lost lives in YSRCP attacks.

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