Trending Pic: Then Jagan, now Chandrababu

Trending Pic: Then Jagan, now Chandrababu

Ex-AP CM Chandrababu getting denied VIP access at Gannavaram airport has become a huge topic of discussion among political circles. Even though the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has issued a clarification, TDP leaders are still upset.

To counter attack TDP, YSR Congress party is claimed that in the last nine years, Jagan has travelled like any other passengers and as a leader of opposition, he did not get any special treatment. YSRCP sources are also sharing the picture of Jagan who underwent security checks in airport.

However, the neutral netizens are finding fault in both TDP and YSRCP claims. They did not take sides and added that security checks at airports depend on the guidelines of respective governments. So be a Z plus security politician or an ordinary leader, anyone who is not in power has to pass through common security points in airports.

We shall see how long TDP will drag the issue and YSRCP will counter it.

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