'Chandrababu Offers 50 Crs & A Ministry To Me'

'Chandrababu Offers 50 Crs & A Ministry To Me'

YSRCP MLA and minister Gummanur Jayaram has made sensational allegations against TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. After becoming minister Jayaram is constantly visiting his Alur constituency and on this occasion, he criticised Chandrababu.

Jayaram went on to say that in the past Chandrababu had offered Rs 50 crore and minister post but he declined it. "Rs 50 crore and minister are nothing and I'm not a person who gets sold to money just like animals and so sent back the mediator whom Chandrababu had sent for negotiations," said Jayaram.

He claimed that Jagan had given him ministry because of his honesty and loyalty to the party. "Our leader Jagan knows about my honesty and so he offered me minister post. I will live up to his expectations and will work for party," stated Jayaram.

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