Nara Lokesh And The Mega Change Has Just Begun

Nara Lokesh And The Mega Change Has Just Begun

When Telugudesam Party lost the election a month ago, many political observers have predicted that the position of this NTR-founded party is in doldrums as Chandrababu Naidu is getting old and Nara Lokesh not fully matured to handle the party affairs. But it looks like the TDP heir took a note of it.

In the last two days, Lokesh has thrown full of surprises to TDP cadres itself as he's busy meeting various people at the party office and also conducting many review meetings. At the same time, he's also coming to the assembly in the status of an MLC and shaking hands with his rivals including that Alla Ramakrishna Reddy who has handed him defeat at Mangalagiri. All these signs are indicating that he's growing up as a leader, without the influence of his father.

Sources close to him stated that he understood the importance of playing the leadership role in the wake of party tasting a bitter defeat after a long time. And to be politically prepared for 2024, the ground work should be done in a massive way. After working at the grass root level in his own style for two years, Lokesh is likely to take on a walkathon like the former CMs (and present CM too) of Andhra Pradesh.

In all likelihood, TDP folks are quite happy that Lokesh took the initiatinve of building his own leadership, coterie and fort within the party itself. That said, after figuring out the issues that led to party's defeat, which Chandrababu said that he's yet to find out, Lokesh should work on them as well.

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