Pics: 20,000 Hoardings Removed At Ameerpet & SR Nagar

Despite the fact that many areas in popular areas like Ameerpet and SR Nagar where there are a hell lot of coaching centres for IT and other sector learners, computer hardware shops, mobile sales and service centres, are declared 'no hoarding zones', the filth gets accumulated on walls and streets all the time. And GHMC has done a record of sorts other day.

Using 300 of its employees, 30 vehicles and 4 JCBs, other day GHMC has removed nearly 20,000 illegal hoardings from popular areas like Maitrivanam, Satyam Theatre surroundings in Ameerpet and SR Nagar. It took almost 12 hours to toss these illegal boards into their dumping vans.

Many of buildings, whose real facets are not seen by anybody in the last decade, are now flaunting their naked look to the citizens of the city. It is expected of the GHMC that these illegal hoardings don't pop again in the next few months such that the city will look clean and exciting.

On the other hand, these hoardings are likely to be permitted to the owners of them pay an annual fee to GHMC. More details on this are yet to come.