Know All About KCR's Dream Project 'Kaleshwaram'

Know All About KCR's Dream Project 'Kaleshwaram'

At a time when construction of irrigation projects takes decade, the Telangana government has completed ninety percent of Kaleshwaram project in just three and a half years of time. This is the largest lift irrigation project and is considered as an engineering marvel. During its construction, Kaleshwaram has created many records and in another 48 hours, it is getting ready for inauguration.

For decades Andhra and Telangana regions have had water allocation issues. Telangana CM KCR took personal care about this project and he was behind it every minute from its inception. With an aim to provide water to 40 Lakh acres in Telangana, this project is redesigned by KCR himself. At the juncture where Godavari and Pranahitha rivers meet is Medigadda and at this spot, Kaleshwaram project is constructed. Here the water will be lifted in six phases and will be moved to Kondapochamma Sagar which is above 618 metres. Three barrages, 15 reservoirs and 20 lifts will form Kaleshwaram and the cost estimated for the project is Rs 80,000 crore.

The length of Kaleshwaram gravity canal is 1531 kilometres while the length of tunnels is 203 kilometres and there are a total of 82 pumps. With the help of the project, every day two TMC of water can be lifted and it requires 4992.47 MegaWatts of electricity while for three TMC of water, it requires 7152 Megawatts of electricity. six 400 KV and 220KV substations and many other electric infrastructure were arranged for the power supply to lift the water.

The package eight of the pumping station is something very important here. It has gigantic underground pumping station with 7 units, each having a capacity of 139 MWs. With this pump, water will be lifted to 111 metres. In the seven units, each pump capacity is 1.86 lakh horse power. This pump house is situated between Nandi Medaram Bridge and Mid-Maneru reservoir.

From Medigadda, water will pumped daily to Annaram, Sundilla, Sri Paada Yellampalli. With Kaleshwaram, Sriram Sagar project will get water and projects like Nizam Sagar and Singuru will also get water. The construction of barrages at Annaram, Sundilla are almost completed while the mid-Maneru which has the capacity to hold 25 TMC of water is also ready.

However the Mallanna sagar barrage that has the capacity of 50 TMC of water is yet to be complete. The construction of this barrage delayed due to land acquisitions and court orders.

The Telangana government has set up a photo gallery at the project site which shows various phases of the project construction. The officials claim that the people could reach in large number to witness this mega project.