YSRCP vs TDP: Kanche scene repeats!

YSRCP vs TDP: Kanche scene repeats!

Director Krish Jagarlamudi's 'Kanche' is one of the most thought-provoking movies. It raises the topic of community differences in the society and how people differentiate themselves with others by constructing a wall between each group. It also questions the caste existence when the world is transforming. But some things don't change at all and the same episode has repeated in Guntur district.

The YSRCP supporters are continuing their attacks on Telugu Desam supporters. In a fresh episode, YSRCP folks have reportedly constructed a wall on the road which will disable TDP sympathisers from reaching a praying room which is a church like, located close to Firangipuram. The TDP supporters have complained over this to the officials. But with the officials taking the issue light, TDP has approached the police. But by then the YSRCP supporters have raised a four feet wall.

A police picket was set up so as no unwanted clash will take place between the two sides and also stopped the construction works of wall. Also the police of calling key members from both TDP and YSRCP to settle the issue. This is a disgusting act by YSRCP by blocking not just TDP supporters but also the normal public.

Hope the police will find a solution and make peace!

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