Amma Vodi, only for govt schools: AP govt

Amma Vodi, only for govt schools: AP govt

In view of the growing confusion among private schools and parents about the eligibility of 'Amma Vodi' scheme announced by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy during the poll campaign, the state finance minister B Rajendranath Reddy gave a clarification that it is only applicable to govt schools. That means parents who send their children to govt schools only will get an amount of Rs 15,000 under 'Amma Vodi' scheme.

This scheme was widely taken into public by YS Jagan and his team during the election campaign and as soon as YSRCP formed government in AP, they discussed it in the cabinet and decided to implement it from 26 January. The same was announced by CM Jagan at 'Rajanna Badibata' program earlier.

Ever since the new government is formed, there is a huge discussion and confusion about 'Amma Vodi' scheme. Some private schools went a step ahead and gave out ads saying that 'parents who join their children in our school will benefit from Amma Vodi scheme'. But, some educationalists and academic scholars advised that the scheme should be confined to government schools only. So, this clarification by the Finance Minister would clear all the speculation and rumours around the Amma Vodi scheme.

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