Again, TDP Took U-Turn In Delhi?

Again, TDP Took U-Turn In Delhi?

In a surprise move, the Telugu Desam Party has changed its stand on ruling BJP in Parliament. TDP has extended its full support to the new Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed Om Birla's name for the speaker post, TDP strengthened Modi's proposal which shocked Telugu MPs in Lok Sabha.

Not just this, TDP has decided to back BJP government in whatever good decisions it takes. TDP MPs Jayadev Galla, Ram Mohan Naidu have formally said so in the Lok Sabha after the speaker election.

But why suddenly changed its mind on BJP is a million Dollar question. Is TDP trying to re-patch with BJP or this support is just confined for the speaker election? We need to wait till any TDP leader opens up.

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