Babu Tweets About RS MPs Who Quit TDP

Babu Tweets About RS MPs Who Quit TDP

It is known that four Rajya Sabha MPs of Telugu Desham Party, Sujana Chowdary, CM Ramesh, TG Venkatesh and Garikapati, joined Bharatiya Janata Party this evening in presence of party working president JP Nadda. Reacting to it, the TDP Lok Sabha & two other Rajya Sabha leaders spoke to media and took a swipe at those MPs who switched sides.

On other hand, Party chief Chandrababu Naidu who is on a vacation issued a press statement and he took potshots at those deflected MPs and BJP. In a series a tweets, Naidu made an attempt to give a confidence and boost to party cadre and supporters after this shocking development.

Naidu took to Twitter saying: "All my life, I have strived for the good of people and will continue to do so regardless of being in power or not. TDP MPs joining BJP today is the result of my fight for AP's rights. They had their own personal agendas to address. These crises situations are not new to me, not new to the party. Earlier, many said TDP is dead. Many said TDP is a closed chapter. Many said leaders are deserting the party and that it will be gone and buried. We never gave up. We came back. The reason behind @jaitdp differing with BJP was to achieve Special Status for AP which was left in the lurch post-bifurcation. It would have been easy for me to remain friendly with BJP while betraying the future of AP and its crores of people. I didn't do that. We have lakhs of Karyakarthas and crores of Telugu people behind us. History will repeat itself. There is nothing to worry #TDPWillBeBack."

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