Now GVL Finds Ethics In Sujana and CM Ramesh?

Now GVL Finds Ethics In Sujana and CM Ramesh?

GVL Narasimha Rao had been critical about former TDP leaders YS Chowdary (Sujana Chowdary) and CM Ramesh. In fact, GVL had been accusing Sujana and Ramesh of illegal practices.

It can be noted that GVL had made a serious accusation that Sujana "did" 5700 Crore fraud. If this is not enough, GVL had even wrote a letter to the Ethics Committee of Upper House to "disqualify" him.

But quite shockingly, the very own Sujana and CM Ramesh had joined BJP by getting TDPLP merge into BJPLP. Social media is going tizzy with the news and it is eagerly waiting for GVL's reaction on "fraudsters" Sujana and CM Ramesh's entry into BJP. Will GVL respond? Will GVL defend Sujana and Ramesh now? Or does he vow for a free, fair probe on Sujana and Ramesh?

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