TDP's 40% Is Bigger Than Those 23 MLAs

TDP's 40% Is Bigger Than Those 23 MLAs

The big heading that is doing rounds in anti-TDP media houses these days is "Is Telugudesam party completely crushed?". And then pro-TDP media houses try to counter this by saying that they have bounced back many times and this is not any new crisis. Well, the first thing is, everyone has to get into statistics to understand the situation.    

Firstly, TDP's MLA count is just 23, which is quite low, but that doesn't mean they are out of the show completely. While YS Jagan led YSR Congress fetched nearly 50% votes, TDP got 40% votes in the election while Janasena and others took that 10% share. In many regions, TDP lost the election only by a meagre margin only. In that case, with 40% of the voters still believing in TDP, how come the cycle-walas will be ruled out or crushed as they say?

Most importantly, currently the morale of TDP cadres is at atmost low due to the massive defeat but always there will be a chance to bounce back in the wake of current political situation. Like the way Congress waited for 10 years after 1994 defeat in Andhra Pradesh, even TDP has to play the waiting game well, and definitley there is no chance to say that the party will be wiped out.

Because people will look forward for alternatives no matter how better governance any political party offers, and opponents always gets chance to win their mandate.

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