Pawan Gives 100 Days Deadline To Jagan

Pawan Gives 100 Days Deadline To Jagan

Breaking his silence, Pawan Kalyan has stated that he wants to give 100 days time to the new government and doesn't want to criticize them immediately. Pawan recalled that he had also given enough time to previous government and he had criticized it only after giving them the time.

However, interestingly, Pawan raised the issue of handing over of AP's properties in Hyderabad to Telangana. Pawan has stated that the state government should explain in what manner and what way it has handed over the properties to the Telangana government. He said the people of Andhra Pradesh should know. But Pawan said it is a sensitive issue and doesn't want to stress further on the topic and added that he would give proper time for the new government but he wanted the new government to answer in detail.

Pawan stated that Janasena would constructively criticize the government. And also welcome if government does any good deed. He said Janasena would stand by the people. He further said Janasena would fight against the government if it does any mistake.

Talking about the illegal constructions and Jagan's decision to demolish Praja Vedika, Pawan said the government should adopt the same policy across the state without any deviations. "If all the illegal constructions are treated in similar way without any deviations, then it is acceptable. Or else, if the demolitions are only limited to these (Praja Vedika), then one have to suspect the government's motive and intention," said Pawan.

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