Big Joke! TDP, YCP, Janasena Spent Just 9 Crs In Polls

Big Joke! TDP, YCP, Janasena Spent Just 9 Crs In Polls

For the election campaign in West Godavari district, three major political parties have spent a total of Rs 9,16,80,610. These figures are acknowledged by Election Observers of the finance wing. As per the Election Commission of India rules and guidelines no candidate contesting the polls should spend more than Rs 28 lakh for assembly segment and Rs 70 lakh for the Parliament.

But politicians unofficially fetch crores to get ticket from parties and few more crores to win the seat. Post the elections, candidates should submit their financial spending during election campaign and TDP, YSRCP and Jana Sena candidates have claimed that they did not cross the limit set by the election commission.

For two Parliament seats in West Godavari, YSRCP led the spending with Rs 82.9 lakh while TDP spent just Rs 74.1 lakh and Jana Sena Party's expenses are Rs 73.9 crore. Pawan Kalyan's brother Naga Babu who contested for the Narsapur Lok Sabha shelled out Rs 48.06 lakh.

There are total 15 assembly seats in the district and Rs 6,85,75,242 was spent by the candidates. Kovvuru assembly is said to be the most expensive campaign as TDP candidate Anitha spent Rs 25.18 lakh while YSRCP's Vanitha spent Rs 24.45 lakh. There are also reports that Pawan Kalyan from Bhimavaram, had also made massive expenditure in the campaign.

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