Ex AP CM To Join BJP

Ex AP CM To Join BJP

Ex CM of united AP Nadendla Bhaskar Rao is all set to join BJP. Bhaskar Rao will be joining BJP in the presence of party president Amit Shah who is visiting Hyderabad on 6th July to kick start the party's membership drive across the nation starting from Hyderabad.

Bhaskar Rao was infamous for his coup against NTR in August 1984. Rao with the support of his group and outside support of then opposition Congress (I), staged a coup against NTR who had left to the US for surgery. Since Congress (I) was at the Centre and its nominated person as the Governor of the state, Bhaskar Rao had become CM for 31 days.

After NTR returned, he had staged a protest called Dharma Yuddham and did Yatra. Finally, the Centre had recalled the Govenor and reinstalled NTR as CM - the one and only instance in Indian political history when a dismissed CM was reinstated.

Now, BJP wants to rope in Nadendla Bhaskar Rao into its fold as part of the strengthening of the party in both Telugu states. Along with Bhaskar Rao, BJP wants to get his son Nadendla Manohar, ex-speaker and present leader of Janasena Party, onboard. Apparently, Nadendla Manohar is in a fix.

Manohar, who is in the US, would take a final call after he returns from his trip. While Manohar has been loyal to Pawan Kalyan and holds key post in the party, BJP wants to break the bond between Manohar and Pawan and wants to rope in Manohar in order to send strong signals to regional parties TDP, YCP and Janasena.

One has to wait and see, whether Kanna would manage to rope in Nadendla Manohar into BJP or not. It can be noted that ex-minister and ex Janasena leader Ravela Kishore Babu has already been roped into Janasena. Now that BJP wants to become an alternative political force in AP, it is taking aggressive steps in the state with the backing of the party that is ruling at the Centre.