Andhra Pradesh Budget 2019 Highlights

Andhra Pradesh Budget 2019 Highlights

The YSR Congress government has placed its first budget in the Assembly on Friday. AP Finance minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy read out the key highlights of the budget. Buggana added the previous TDP government has shown double-digit growth rate and they are evaluating whether it is true or forged.

The finance minister said the outstanding debts of Andhra Pradesh when it was bifurcated back in 2014 stood at Rs 1,30,654 crore while as of 2018-19, the debts are at Rs 2,58,928 crore. Apart from this the last AP government has lent loans worth Rs 10,000 crore from various corporations and there are about Rs 18,000 crore bills in pending.

Here are several categories/fields and funds allocated:

Seeds distribution - Rs 200 crore

Free bore to farmers - Rs 200 crore

Electricity subsidy to aqua farmers - Rs 475 crore

YSR Rythu Bhima - Rs 1,163 crore

Rural Development - Rs 29,329 crore

Agriculture and affiliated sector - Rs 20,677 crore

Irrigation and flood prevention - Rs 13,139 crore

Nine hours free power to farmers - Rs 4,525 crore

YSR Rythu Bharosa - Rs 8,750 crore

Natural Disaster Prevention Fund - Rs 2,002 crore

Farmer Welfare: The Price Stabilization Fund - Rs 3,000 crore

Education - Rs 32,618 crore

Infrastructure development of schools - Rs 1,500 crore

Amma Vodi - Rs 6,455 crore

Mid-Day Meals - Rs 1,077 crore

Schools Maintenance Grant - Rs 160 crore

Pension for the elderly and widows - Rs 12,801 crore

Asha Workers - Rs 455.85 crore

YSR Arogya Sri - Rs 1,740 crore

Dwakra women's interest-free loans - Rs 1,140 crore

Interest-free loans to urban self-help groups - Rs 648 crore

YSR housing accommodation scheme - Rs 5000 crore

Development of Dalits - Rs 15,000 crore

Development of the tribes - Rs 4,988 crore

Development of Backward Classes (BC) - Rs 1,561 crore

Single women's pensions - Rs 300

Minority Development - Rs 952 crore

AgriGold victims - Rs 1,150 crore

Weavers - Rs 200 crore