Who Is Behind Nani?

Who Is Behind Nani?

Beleaguered TDP is going through one of its worst phases. It is receiving a set back after set back. First, it lost its crucial Rajya Sabha MPs to the BJP. Even as BJP claiming that as many as 18 of TDP MLAs are in touch with the party, an internal war within TDP has been unleashed leaving many shocked.

Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani had first turned down Chandrababu Naidu's offer to be the TDP whip post in parliament. He didn't stop there. He took to social media to announce it and kept taking potshots over the issues in the party.  He also credited Devineni Uma for Kodali Nani's ministry. Indirectly, Nani had blamed Devineni Uma for TDP's defeat in Krishna district. Nani's social media shocks continued to scare the party workers and leaders.

Nani has been raising his strong voice publicly against the own leaders in the party. His Tweet attack on MLC Budha Venkanna and calling him Chandrababu's "Pet Dog", Nani has also indirectly criticized Chandrababu. Even Chandrababu's request to Nani to remain silent has gone vain as Nani continued to attack the party's own leaders.

Amidst this, Kesineni Nani has been nominated by the Union Government as the Member of the Estimates Committee which plays a crucial role in the functioning of Parliament. Nani's proximity with BJP's top leaders like Nitin Gadkari, Venkaiah Naidu is now fueling to the ongoing speculations about Nani's next political move.

While Nani's exit from TDP seems to be confirmed, BJP reportedly wants Nani to create unrest in TDP and defame the party, Chandrababu and thus weaken the Opposition in AP before strengthening BJP in AP. Political analysts suspect the foul play of BJP for the Antaryudham in TDP.