'Here Is Why Advani Lost His Job As BJP Chief'

'Here Is Why Advani Lost His Job As BJP Chief'

Back in 2005, veteran politician LK Advani was the national president of BJP. But he lost his post for praising Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Advani called Jinnah as secular and this irked RSS which is the backbone of BJP. Advani was forced to resigned as BJP president and later Rajnath Singh was appointed as the head.

Taking this as an example, BJP is training its cadre in Uttar Pradesh. UP BJP vice-president JPS Rathore said no person is above the ideology of the party and everyone has abide by it come what may. "Take the case of Advani ji, he drifted from party's ideology and had to pay the price," added Rathore.

The BJP leader also cited the examples of Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh and Gujarat BJP veteran Shankersinh Vaghela. "Kalyan Singh resigned to BJP in 2009 but returned to the party in 2014. The same case with Vaghela. He is nowhere to be seen these days," said Rathore.

However, Advani's issue is being reckoned as case study for party cadre training and this shows BJP doesn't want to encourage any sort of groups in the cadre.

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