PM Modi Angry On Those Ministers

PM Modi Angry On Those Ministers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is upset with his cabinet colleagues and asked Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi to give the names of ministers who had been absent.

PM Modi noticed this in the weekly meeting of BJP Parliamentary Party and is likely to counsel the ministers who are skipping the Parliament session despite being asked to attend without fail. Modi also cleared his views that BJP is keeping a close watch on ministers and MPs who are regularly failing to attend Parliament.

Then Modi shifted his focus on MPs. He advised them to work with local administrations in their respective constituency and address the issue of the water crisis in the country. Modi appealed to the MPs to work beyond politics and in 'mission mode' to tackle very serious issues.

Earlier Modi made comments on BJP MLA who hit a government servant with a cricket bat. Modi said there will be no place for such politicians in the party.

Seems like Modi is keeping his ministers and MPs on the edge to work for the public.