Bonda Uma To Say Bye Bye Babu!

Bonda Uma To Say Bye Bye Babu!

According to the strong ongoing buzz in the political circles, firebrand TDP leader and former Vijayawada MLA Bonda Uma is said to be bidding adieu to TDP soon. Apparently, Uma is all set to join the ruling YSRCP in August.

Bonda Uma is currently on a family holiday in Australia. Before leaving for the tour, he is said to have met his well-wishers and his community leaders and discussed about shifting his loyalties to YS Jagan.

If everything goes as planned, Uma will be meeting Jagan after he returns to Vijayawada on August 5th.

Bonda Uma hails from the Kapu community. He lost the Vijayawada Central constituency with just 15 votes margin in the general elections.

He and other senior leaders from the city are said to be miffed with TDP's not so encouraging stand on the Kapus and this prompted him to turn towards the YSRCP.

He is expected to be given a key role in handling YSRCP's affairs in Vijayawada East soon after he bids a goodbye to Babu and shakes hands with Jagan.