Why domestic airlines bidding adieu to Vizag?

Why domestic airlines bidding adieu to Vizag?

Vishakhapatnam, the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh, is currently facing a crunch of domestic flights. Airlines have been canceling several of its flights in the last few months, but the pace picked up in the last few weeks. The air passengers of 'Steel City' are shocked to learn about the huge drop in air services.

In the last few years, Vizag has seen a big jump in air traffic but the airline companies are taking a loss to run their services. Alliance Air, a subsidiary of Air India, has recently stopped its services from Vishakhapatnam after the government failed to fund the airline as part of regional connectivity scheme. The airline had to take this decision as the government failed to clear the arrears of Rs 23 Crores.

On top of it, leading private airline Indigo too has dropped its services from Vizag to Kochi, Kolkata and 2 services to Bangalore. Some passengers have recently complained that IndiGo recently stopped selling tickets to metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad too. The Air Travellers Association see two reasons for this situation in Vizag - one being a shortage of air carriers and other is policy followed by the previous government. The previous Sarkar failed to fulfill its promise made to airlines that it will financially support them as part of the regional connectivity scheme.

On the other hand, a couple of Srilankan airlines too stopped its services to Vizag. Considering the plight of air travelers, the Parliament member of Steel City wrote to a letter to Union Civil Aviation Minister to take a quick action in this regard.

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