Rs 10,000 for a load of sand! Babu slams YCP

Rs 10,000 for a load of sand! Babu slams YCP

Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu is in shell-shock with the sand rates going up in Andhra Pradesh. Rs 10,000 is being charged for a tractor load of sand and he questioned what is the government doing. Chandrababu went on to criticise YSRCP government for not taking any initiative in coming up with new policy.

"If certain changes are needed to be made in the system, the government should have a proper planning, methods to implement it and possibilities in addressing the loopholes. Then they can go for abolishing old policy or make amendments. YSRCP government has bluntly rubbed off the old sand policy and is yet to come up with new one," said Naidu. He further questioned did YSRCP estimated the consequences?

"Lakhs of people who are dependent on construction field, are now with no work. The dream to built a house is further going far for common man. Rs 10,000 is being quoted for one tractor load of sand. Why such huge amount? Is it to fill the pockets of YSRCP leaders," quipped Naidu.

Construction works in Kurnool are jobless for the last two months and are finding it hard to cope-up with the day-to-day expenses. They are in distress and appealed to the government to come up with a new sand policy at the earliest, so that the constructions would resume across the district.

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