Is Chowdary still in 'Yellow' hangover!

Is Chowdary still in 'Yellow' hangover!

After joining BJP, Rajya Sabha MP Sujana Chowdary has limited himself from criticizing TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu while other BJP leaders are taking on him whenever they get an opportunity. Observing Sujana's political mindset, netizens are doubting whether Sujana is in BJP or TDP as he is acting like a mouth-piece of Chandrababu.

The recent events are an example of it. Whenever Chandrababu is making comments against the YSRCP government, Sujana is also making similar statements. But he is not at all opening his mouth against TDP and also indirectly backing Chandrababu in whatever way is possible. This is sending wrong signals and the social media abuzz that Sujana had been to BJP just to bring TDP nearer to the saffron party and it is with Babu's directions, he is acting so.

The netizens seems to have come to a conclusion that just to escape from the CBI and ED, Sujana has joined BJP and he is simultaneously working on reuniting old friends. "He hasn't changed much and is just behaving like a TDP leader. But that's up to him. Will BJP pay a heavy price for induction Sujana is something future would answer. However, this is clearly confusing the party cadre. At a time when BJP is looking to expand it's wings in AP, this kind of leaders will not do any good for the party," opined a few.

If this is the opinion of netizens, when will Sujana come out of Chandrababu and TDP hangover? We clearly have no idea!

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